Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tired day~

Suddenly I have the feeling wanna write something so i'm back to this blog again. I been left this blog site away for a short period. Exam is around the corner included IETLS exam and loads of assignment i need to finish right now before stepping forward to semester 5. This few days went back home late because the drama practicing. Some of the lecture ask us why u all so focusing onto this drama which did not give much mark on it. I start to think, what we do izzit useless. But mostly my classmate taking it seriously. Hmm, as i know we cant give up on anything that we have done. I know that nowadays i should start study but i cant do it. I'm getting fed up of myself for not studying. IETLS exam take around Rm550 for the exam so i can't fail for it. I hope there have someone can push me to study right now. Only tiredness can be feel up now! 2nd training will start on 1 of feb 2010! I cant celebrate chinese new year because i will be having my training. I still cant get a confirm decision in which properties i wanna choose. Malacca? Marriott? or back to Tanjung Jara? AIkkssss!

Last thursday went to buka puasa in J.W. Marriott hotel. Its a memorable day i have with my collage friends. It been a long time dip3/08 didnt have a gathering which 11 of us are there. I really thanks all of them for making this day happen.

Yummy apple pie!! hehee

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Due to the lazyness, I did not pay much attention to the blog from nowons. But YOU can call Karyn to seaking the condition of her. Im not gonna pissed off whenever u all called me and im glad to have it. After back from training at Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu, I have different thinking aspect in myself. As what im now as a student, I set my own goal and will gone throught it with all the hard work that i been perform in my academic and my future career. Maybe you all think Karyn is feaking abnormal nowadays, but I don't care for it. Money hard to earn and I should saved my pocket money from now. Hehehe. I'm gonna spend a bunch of money to buy back my handphone and my lappy, huhuhuhu. Karyn seems like don't have the feeling to study and just wanna back to work. Maybe from working enviroment is more suitable for her. But im gonna persuade myself to continue the study because im getting the support from my family member by giving the financial investment and also my beloved buddies. But in the past 4 months in TJR, i enjoyed so much at there and I loVed all of them. It will become part of my memories and I will remember it forever. I gained a lot of experience at there and I show my manship throught out the training. I'm like a child that growing each day and I'm glad who am I today. I picked to be in Service Industry and I'm really satisfied with my choice. So all my buddies, go for what you all have choose and it will become your brighter days in the future.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What feel should i have now?

26th of march 2009 is the most bad luck i ever had. I lost my laptop. I left it inside my room and when back from the work, i discovered that my laptop is gone. But now wad im sad is i need to waste a bunch of money again to buy back a new lapop. Earning money is hard nowadays. I can know it and im trying to save money now.. Coey condition is SAD AND DEAD!

At tanjong jara, i meet u and i think u is a good guy. U always bring laughter to me. So whenever i stare u den u will made lot of lot of facial expression to made me laugh. Thanks for teaching me much of the terengganu dialets too. B is a cute guy when smile so i like to see him smile too.But if di atas sungai restaurant open i dun have the chance to work with u. So everytime i expect that just nelayan restaurant open only.Every week i wait the chance that we can cooperate together and become the best and good runner team. Haha! All of the staff teach me a lot of things. Im gaining many experiee too.

Monday, March 9, 2009

new updated

Due to henry that keep on calling me to update the blog so i decided to do so. Anyway thanks for all of u that pay attention to my blog. Currently living at terengganu for 2 weeks already and myself having fun? I also not so sure about it. Theres not much activities for u to do when u are bored. Im starting my work without off day for 4 weeks because wanna accumulate my holidays back to tm. Although its suffer but i will persuade myself to manage it. This few days is damn tired. Working without following the shift its damn sucks! Those guest when came to our restaurant, seeing the same staff, so wad do u think? Hardworking right? Hahaha! theres no choice for it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner also need to do for it. Tiredness can be feel up until now~ Last week, me,ong and mr.sofian visited the pasar malam at dungun town. I bought quit much foods. U all cant blame me because im addicted to many foods though. Thanks for your concern about me and im quit happy and suprise when u called me. Until here i update and kind of blank off what to write already. All of you pls take care yourself!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life in Tanjong Jara

Karyn is still healthy in tanJong jara, so all my friends dun worry about me. Im enjoying at here althought its abit tough and tired though. But i wont give up on it. So all my friends dun give up when theres anything blocking u! Just go throught it!!!!! All the staff at here is friendly and teach me a lot of things. Thanks for the F&B DEPartment!!! THAnks ya!! hahaha. IF u all wanna view the live of me in Tanjong Jara, feel free to pay a visit to my facebook~ I already update at there.. Ciaoz~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pictures!! picturess!! and picturess!

Before posting some pictures, i would like to share my experience and my joyful day at sunway lagoon. Our sem 2 class trip is more interesting. I enjoy myself that day. Althought we going to training soon, i hope that our relation will not change. And now myself more darker and whole body pain, maybe too excited already. Evan,Ong, Michelle, Chee yan, Debbie, Nur, Charlotte, Felicia, Yvonne, Joe, i will very miss u all and take care urself during training. Keep it up and done something that satisfied ourself!!! OK!! And also U! i will super miss u and hope that me and u still can keep in touch. Sobbzzz! and my hometown friend too! take care and dun miss me worr.. hahahhaa! Pictures time!! About the cook off and sunway lagoon pictures.

tiger at the back! but still having a nice nap~~

looks delicious~~ sure!! its made by us!!

does anyone saw the lady with black and white costume. hahaha!

this is how we decorate it! exp though

before the business run~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy day but satisfied

Back in action. This two weeks facing a lot of problem. Cook off, assigment and now FINAL EXAM! struggle for many things. Althought cook off time, i did not done a good job at the kitchen side and thanks for mr. colin advise. I learn a lot nowadays since i start my collage life. I learn how to think. Do you all know why i say so. Because past time, karyn is a person that no confident and ask for help everytime. Althought i done something right but i still dun have the confident to sooth myself is correct. But thanks for ong helping me on this things. Everytime i ask him for help, the 1st word will come out is do you think before u ask. This keep on repeat and repeat. But everytime i answer also is correct then ong will say thats why! think before u ask. This made me awake. I did not blame him for saying so and im just going to say thank you. Im glad for who i am now. I become more matured as for my own thinking. I dun wan to be a shadow man also. I will change myself now from being so. Because of no confident, scared made me became so. What advise given by mr.colin is true. I not dare to say it out so i become a shadow man hiding behind well with a lot of idea and know wad should do. I quit satisfied about my bar tender job. Kind of happy when heard mr.chiang say so. I know wad he say is from his heart during that drinking night. He kind of drunk and what he say is really came from his heart. Im enjoying my collage life nowadays but going to training soon. Hope that our friendship will remain and all of us can take care ourself. Same to dip1/08, our relation is remain unchange and growth better day by day. As wad my heart wish to. 1st step. 2nd step or 3rd step? Let the god manage for it. I will post cook off pictures when i get it from my friend. So stay tune!! hahaha